Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Heater vs. The Pool: Trick or Treat

This afternoon, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, the Pool Chart indicated that the temp of the competition/lap pool was a crisp 74 degrees, while the teaching pool indicated 81 degrees.

Turns out the temperature gauge on the pool heater may be inaccurately reading the pool temp in the competition pool as the water felt more like 80 degrees than the posted 74 degrees when the undersigned checked the pool temp by dipping his hand in the pool and then taking a swim. The water in the competition pool was definitely warmer than a week ago Sunday (Oct. 24) when it was posted at 78 degrees. The pool staff confirmed that there seems to be an issue with the heater properly identifying the actual pool temp.

Suggestion: Perhaps an "old school" pool thermometer that can be hung on a string from one of the pool exit ladder's handlebars could help the staff and the community to have a more accurate temperature reading.

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful afternoon at the Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center, as the photo below illustrates.

Meanwhile, on the quad today at Pali High a Community Festival was happening and one of the booths was hosted by Clay Evans (see photo below) of SCAQ (So. Calif. Aquatics), the venerable and popular Masters swim team, which is already holding Masters swimming workouts at the new Pali High competition pool.

Get out there and swim !

Will Maguire, Editor
Pali Pool Temp Dot Com

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